The South Asian Republican Coalition, popularly known as SARC, kicked off its formation with a rally/dinner at the Royal Albert’s Palace in Edison on December 29th.  Several hundreds of people from Republican Party and from South Asian Communities were in attendance.  The purpose of this SARC is to bring South Asian Americans, (from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Nepal and other countries together on one platform for strong voice, to create awareness among South Asian Americans to actively participate in main stream American’s political life and to believe in core values and principles of Republican Party and to support and promote it. SARC was founded by Mr. Hemant Bhatt in March, 2018 who is Businessman, Political operative, Activist and also Founder and President of TrumpMyPresident.com, Director, Immigration Relations, America Winning Coalition, Founder, President and CEO of fearmanagement.org and the Managing Director of Quick Insurance Agency. Mr. Pinakin Pathak who is a proven and renowned businessman, community leader and philanthropist and Mr. Sridhar Chillara who is profound businessman, a well known media personality, community leader, Founder and CEO of Mana TV, Mana TV International, TV5 International have joined hands with Hemant Bhatt in December, 2018 as Co-Founders of SARC to achieve SARC’S Mission and Goals and Objectives.

Mr. Bhatt, in his welcome address, said to the excited audience that America is at cross roads and said South Asian Americans have the interests of America First and are committed to make America proud, safe, strong, wealthy and great. America is is land of opportunity for all and South Asians will not leave any stone unturned to repay mother America what they have gotten from here. In U.S., there are about 20 Million South Asian Americans and are growing very fast. He further stated We, at SARC believe that a vital democracy requires an informed electorate, civil discourse and bold thinking. Mr. Bhatt called the supporters of SARC are an extraordinary team of enlightened individuals, entrepreneurs, educators and middle class working persons who will create awareness of the issues our great nation is facing to make our nation proud. What U.S. President Donald J. Trump and his Administration are doing will be done by any head of any nation will do in the best interests of nation and its people. He also emphasized to create awareness among South Asians and legal immigrants who become citizens to register them as Republicans.

Mr. Steven Rogers, Chairman of America Winning Coalition, Member of President Donald J. Trump Advisory Board 2020 and a retired law enforcement official given the keynote address and narrated the achievements and accomplishments of President Mr. Trump and his Administration and enlightened the audience about the contribution made by South Asians in the main stream America for its economic growth. He emphasized that this great nation America has proven Capitalism and Socialism which is failed world over should not be promoted in America. He blessed the launch of SARC and encouraged the audience to reelect President Mr. Trump in 2020.

Padmashri Dr. Sudhir Parikh, a well known community leader, philanthropist and CEO of ITV Gold, Desi Talk and other media publications has congratulated SARC team on its launch and inspired them to work hard to take SARC at next level. He recalled how he has supported the Republican Party in past and emphasized to do more for the Republican Party. He also said he is with SARC and will do everything for its success.


Mr. Pathak very excitedly cheered the gathering and laid down the mission and objectives of SARC. He further appealed audience to promote Republican Party’s agenda, and to revitalize the interests in politics by actively engaging individuals, organizations and the media in pursuit of bringing the solutions to economic, racial and social justice issues.He also encouraged the members of the audience to visit SARC’s web site and make free registration as members of the SARC to strengthen its movement.

Mr. Chillara, while thanking the invited distinguished guests and members of the audience to come out on a day falling in peak Holidays to attend the SARC launch, invited all sections of the South Asian Communities nationwide to join SARC for better future. He also laid down the goals & talked about the importance of SARC for South Asian communities. He thanked everyone who supported to make this event happen which was a great grand success.

Sanjiv Pandya, a well known media personality and a community leader very marvelously conducted the entire event to its end and filled the event gaps with nice commentary about his political insight in current environment prevailing in our country.

If you, or someone you know may be interested in getting involved, they should contact info@sarcusa.org. Membership for SARC is free. For free membership and for further information, please visit SARC website: www.sarcusa.org or send email at info@sarcusa.org