Vision & Mission

Our Mission

To bring South Asian Americans from South Asian Countries on one platform, to merge with main stream American and to create a reckoned force in Republican Party.
To Educate and bring awareness of founding principles of Republican Party among the Conservative, Moderate or Borderline south Asian, Latinos, other communities and new immigrants and to get them registered as Republican voters.
To connect and spread message to the grass root levels of all above communities, convince them to join, promote and work for Republican party at any level and to vote for candidates running for elected positions on republican party line.
To extend an unequivocal support to Republican party, its national agenda, its policies and above all to run a movement to bring up truths, not only to gain the support but also to secure/convert votes in favor of Republican party.
To Spread the message of One nation, we stand together, we believe in America, Restoring the American dream, Make America proud, safe, wealthy & great.
In God we trust, God Bless Americans and God bless America.

Goals & Objectives

To Bring the awareness of Republican party, their core goals, Principles, And their agenda among SARC members, to run a drive, in general to Register more citizens, Independents, & persons on borderline as Republican voters.
To Expand — SARC base to the all States of USA and at national level and to provide strong support to Republican candidates at all levels.
SARC to meet Republican policy makers, Local and national leaders, Members of both Senate and House of Representative, local elected Party officials and forge alliance with them and work with them to achieve common goals of Republican majority at each level.
To Forge a strong alliance between USA and South Asian countries for mutual Economic prosperity, friendship, working together for common goals and to make strong defense and security alliance to fight terrorism.
To be a very strong reckoned force for 2020 and future elections.